Practicality and Ease of Use


For older buildings grappling with corroded metal tanks in confined basement or mechanical floor spaces, replacing them can pose a challenge. FTC Tanks offer a solution by seamlessly fitting into smaller spaces and allowing for in-building construction. Moreover, as building codes evolve, the need to incorporate stormwater detention or fire protection tanks may arise. FTC’s modular tanks present the ideal solution for fulfilling these requirements within existing structures

Effortless Transportation

Thanks to the panel-based design, palletizing and transporting our tanks is a breeze. They can be flat-packed at approximately 10% of their assembled volume, streamlining the shipping process and cutting down on storage and labor needs. Pallets can be effortlessly loaded onto a hoist or transported toa the basement. This not only accelerates implementation but also significantly reduces overall costs, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective transportation experience for your water storage solution.

Ease of Installation

Assembling FTC lightweight FRP panel-type water tanks is a quick and simple process – thanks to their modular design. All you will need are a few basic tools and helpful team members, but our technicians are here to assist if you require on-site supervision. Enjoy the ease of installation with our lightweight panels, ensuring a hassle-free setup for your water storage needs.