Performance and Durability

High Water Quality Storage

Our advanced hot-press molding process instantly cures FRP panels, eliminating any chemical residue to keep water tasting and smelling fresh. The panels’ mirror-smooth finish and opaque grey color, allowing less than 0.00% light penetration, work together to prevent algae and bacteria growth. With our tanks hermetical sealing, water is protected from dust, bugs, and other contaminants, ensuring it remains pure and safe.

Strength and Reliability

FTC’s advanced Hot Press Molding Production Process guarantees zero defects, delivering panels with uniform fiberglass distribution and precise dimensional stability. Utilizing Finite Element Analysis software, we design FRP panels that boast a strength-to-weight ratio superior to steel, equipped with an 8X safety factor against bursting. Our commitment to preventing water wastage is evident in our design, featuring convex base panels and a specialized O-ring type sealant that ensures a tight fit between panels, minimizing leak risks and maintenance concerns.

Engineered for Wind & Seismic Resistance

Tailored to withstand diverse environmental conditions, our FRP tanks come with three design options that cover a broad spectrum of seismic regions in the Americas, ensuring stability and compliance with safety standards.

Exceptional Thermal Properties

With a thermal conductivity 240 times lower than steel, our FRP panels inherently provide excellent insulation, maintaining consistent water temperatures without additional interventions. To further enhance temperature control, we offer panels insulated with 1 inch or 2 inch Polyurethane foam, protecting against extreme temperatures and energy costs. For environments with specific temperature requirements, we provide options for integrating flanged submersible heaters.